The Palace of Wonder is back for its 8th year at the Fuji Rock Festival in 2009.

Inspired by the freedom and anarchic spirit of the Mutoid Waste Company’s squat and illegal free parties, the POW is the alternative place to party 'til dawn. Located just outside the entrance to Fuji Rock, it is open from 10 pm til 5am - a self-contained free festival within a festival.

Infamous for introducing the insane and bizarre to an astonished Japanese audience, the Palace of Wonder is where art becomes performance - amazing to look at, and even participate in. Experience the 'WOW' factor (or 'POW' factor!), with the casino, the “Rookie a go-go” stage and the Milk bar, whilst circus acts, insane side shows and maurauding performers give the vibe of a twisted English country fair at midnight. Meanwhile, in the glorious mirrored Speigeltent you'll find burlesque, dancing girls, one-man wonders, killer DJs and legendary bands.

The POW is an environment of extremes, and not for the fainthearted!